About Us

Saudi Fish Company was established by Royal Decree No. M / 7  in 1980 as a Saudi joint stock company in the field of fishing mainly. The company's purpose base was expanded to include the investment of living aquatic resources and related industries and marketing them internally and externally. The remaining for individual investors is 60%.

Saudi Fish Company is one of the first specialized companies in its field and has accumulated expertise and advanced infrastructure in the marine fishing, aquaculture, logistics, food and seafood industries, commercial and wholesale sectors, and the operation and management of a number of seafood restaurants.

Fish provide high quality food products that contribute to the Kingdom's food security based on Vision 2030 by focusing on quality, food safety and continuous development .

The company owns shrimp and fish farms and three production plants followed by ice production and storage facilities. In addition, there is a strong supply chain consisting of warehouses in different parts of the Kingdom with a capacity of 8000 tons per year and a fleet of refrigerated trucks to maintain the quality of products. R & D deals with internal and external experts and universities concerned with research on the breeding and manufacture of marine food products.

To be an active and proactive enterprise that maintains its leading position in a sensitive sector, operating in an ambitious homeland, interacting and integrating with a thriving economy to serve a vibrant society.

To contribute to the strengthening of food security initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia mainly by providing a range of diverse marine products, with high nutritional value and quality to the highest international standards to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers and to achieve our vision in the long term.
  • Building a successful and positive economic entity in the sectors in which it operates and deals with.
  • To achieve an appropriate level of growth in the return on investment of our shareholders coupled with a balanced growth in equity.
  • Improve and develop the business model to suit the external variables and internal capabilities of the company.
  • Enhance our expertise and employ it to achieve positive growth in the marine wealth investment sector locally and regionally.
  • The conclusion of internal and external alliances at the level of the sectors in which we work with successful establishments locally, regionally and internationally to transfer the successful experience and exchange of technical expertise in all fields.